I certainly don’t. Right now, I’m juggling a big design contract but I have a huge swollen itchy eye from a tropical bug bite, I just came back from the hospital, my boyfriend wants to use the computer and says I blog enough and I’m meant to be packing my bags to move to a new city.

I started this travel blog as an attempt to start recording more of my travels, experiences and sharing all the important lessons and tips I’ve learned as I travel. A way to contextualize my thousands of special photographs, and a way to keep myself grateful of my journey.

This travel blog is my journal, my scrapbook, my wholly biased self. I found that I love writing, and I love making a cute little site for myself to spend more time on than Facebook. After seeing so many terribly ugly, spammy blogs I just wanted to put something interesting, enriching, and helpful out there without the popups, ads and superficial blab.

Then I found myself with a question, as I started to become sucked into the world of my blog, who in he world has time to travel blog? and How are all these travel bloggers doing it? I mean, I’m traveling, it’s hard to find time to even call home! A travel blog takes an underestimated and under appreciated amount of work. I now fully respect any full time blogger.

Design takes time, writing takes time, WordPress upkeep and beautification takes time, uploading, organizing and editing photographs takes time, SEO (search engine optimization) takes time, social media takes time and that’s just the half of blogging.

There’s people who make a living off their blogs and it’s not just luck and it definitely is not just an easy job. They don’t just travel and run amuck all day. They spend a hell of a lot of time on their blog and a hell of a lot of time on their computer. They write organizations all the time asking for experiences in exchange for reviews, they write nonstop about their experiences, they interact with their following, they interact with other blogs, they join affiliate programs with big companies to make some income, they guest write, they interview, many are freelancers and they are just in a constant state of business.

So who has time to travel blog?

Those who truly love to write and connect with people.Those who make it their passion. If it’s your passion, you always find a way.

If you’re out to make money, you may soon realize you may not have what it even takes to run a blog. Money may come one day, but the blog of quality articles must come first. It is commonplace to write and connect online for a couple years until you mayyyybe make your first dollar.

That being said, I love Do you even tourist? hehe it’s my favourite blog out there and although I am crazy busy all the time, I love to make time for it.

P.S. Do you even tourist?