venice in the rain

Venice in the rain is a beautiful sight. When it rains in Venice the tourists stay inside and it’s just you, your umbrella and a journey back in time. At first we were pretty down that it was raining for our 2 days in Venice but it turned out to be a really special trip and I’d actually recommend it in a funny way.

When we got back from Venice, Jonas’ relatives told us about the elbow to elbow sea of tourists in Venice and the extreme prices. When we told them that Venice was empty, not touristy at all AND we found breakfast of croissants and Italian coffee for €1.50, they weren’t sure if we went to the same Venice or not.

That being said, Venice is a completely different trip on a rainy day! I know it could be crazy to plan a trip there when it IS rainy, but what I’m saying is don’t be deterred from exploring Venice if the forecast is bleak. It may just be your lucky day.

Here is my photo diary and commentary from our 2 days of Venice in the rain, enjoy!

Our first step into Venice. We’re rocking Jonas’ mom’s funky umbrellas. woo hoo!

venice in the rain


Our breakfast was €3 for 2. We could each pick a filled croissant and a coffee. This place was crowded with the local Italians and I’m sorry I don’t know the name of it!

venice in the rain

Just gorgeous. How did they build this place?

alley ways venice

People were smaller back then.

wine bar venice italy wine bar venice italy wine bar venice italy

What else do you do when it’s raining? Drink €0.60 glasses of wine…at 10 AM! The locals ordered glass after glass, chatting away and reading the newspaper.

pasta norma venice

Pasta Norma (with eggplant and roasted ricotta) and Artichoke Pizza at the local cavern. There’s a pretty annoying sit in fee in Venice. Your bill is usually bumped up 5-10 Euros with the service, sit in fee and tax

venice venice

Piazza San Marco and St Mark’s Basilica – You can enter inside for free and it’s just incredible (no photos allowed). They did such beautiful things with the patterns on the natural marble that I have never seen before.

limoncello venice

Complimentary Limoncello because our waiter liked us

gelato venice italy

Dark chocolate and pistachio gelato. Why can’t the rest of the world master ice cream like the Italians?

venice pizza in venice

Some of the scenes

gondalas venicegondola venicethe gondolas!

Ciao x

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Have you been to Venice, what was your experience like? Did I miss anything? (I know I missed one famous bridge, whoops!)