Traveling isn’t all roses, rainbows, exotic locations, beautiful beaches, amazing food, life changing experiences and friendships. Many times it is. Other times, everything is just wrong and I hate traveling. I want to go home. I hate my bag – it’s too heavy. Let’s burn it and take the next flight to somewhere that’s not here.

Here’s a typical day when everything is just wrong & I hate traveling

We’re hungry and we’ve been walking around for hours. I start to snap at Jonas. Jonas snaps back.

S – “CALM DOWN! You’re just hungry. We will find food eventually.”

J – “Why is it so hard for us all the time to find food? I feel like I’m always in a constant state of starvation here.”

S – “Come on. It’s not that bad. The food is super delicious, remember our Indian restaurant around the corner from the house?”

J – “I am so hungry.”

S – “We’re just in the wrong neighbourhood. We’ll find something soon. Let’s use google maps, just type vegetarian food.”

J – “Okay, found a place. It’s 2 km away”

We start walking to the vegetarian restaurant on google maps. 20 hungry minutes later we arrive to the marked location. There are no restaurants here.

J – “That is the last time I use google maps!”

S – “Okay okay. Look on that Happycow vegetarian website”

We find a place and start walking. You guessed it. The restaurant we picked on Happycow also doesn’t exist anymore. After roaming around for what feels like an eternity, we find a local mall and head to the food court downstairs. We order some cheese naans, vegetarian fried rice and an ice tea – no sugar.

The waiter –  “Okay, no meat. Okay, no sugar in the drink”

S – “Ah, see. It wasn’t so bad now was it? Food will be here any second now”

10 minutes later, our food comes. I take a big bite into my cheese naan.

S – “There’s sugar in this. Sugar. Cheese. Sugar and cheese? They eat everything sweet here.”

J – “There’s chicken in the fried rice.”

S – “Chickens a vegetable here. Okay, well someone has to eat the poor chicken now.”

I take a sip of my iced tea. ah. I ask Jonas to try it. He spits it out.

J – “That is 100% sugar. Are we picky or something?”

We head home and it starts to rain. We run under the shelter of a cafe and stand there until it calms down. We continue walking. A motorbike vrooms by and splashes a puddle of the most disgusting water on my feet. YUCK. That is horrible. I hate this. I want to be home. Wait, we have no home. Once we get to the hotel we have to find a new airbnb/hotel tonight. That place was not worth the price tag last night. I had super bad allergies and I can’t do another night there. We pack our bags and rush out of the hotel. We use google maps and hop on a local bus to our new airbnb. This looks wrong. Where is he taking us. This is going the opposite direction. Okay, we have to get off before we get further out in the suburbs. Maybe one of us should run to the front and show him the map. Yeah, he said this is wrong. That is really the last time I’m using google maps. The bus stops at the next stop. You have 5 split seconds to jump out before it starts driving again. Jonas is off. The bus is still moving. I think my back is going to break with my 20 kilo bag. The bus stops again. I jerk backwards and grab onto a handrail. I manage to get off.

S – “Can I trade you bags? I just can’t carry this right now.”

J – “You need to get rid of 5 kilos. Seriously.”

S – “I know, but the heavy stuff is the jewellery making kit and I can’t get rid of that…”

Where are we? Okay let’s ask this local guy if he can help us. Cool! He says we’re not far. Just go that way. The local guy is wrong. This is wrong. Why did he tell us to go this way, he seemed so nice. I think he was just trying to be helpful but didn’t know. How is that helpful to make something up. Let’s catch a cab.

We make it to the new hotel. This looks good. The bed! The bed is comfy! yes! My back. Ah, my back hurts. Let’s treat ourselves to a super nice dinner. We deserve it.

We go to the nicest restaurant we can find and feast. Mm and it’s so good. Try this iced strawberry juice. SO GOOD! Don’t you love traveling? We are living the life. Cheers!

P.S. Do you even tourist?