mae hong song loop

Ever since those Lonely Planet guys released that Southeast Asia on a Shoestring back in 79′, travellers have been exploring the region like there’s no tomorrow. I can totally understand why. Backpacking Southeast Asia is one of those classic trails that’s just so accessible, exciting, and relatively cheap. Here’s a taste of what our 6 months backpacking Southeast Asia looked and felt like.

Riding our motorbike on the Mae Hong Son Loop, holding tight onto Jonas and just silently driving through the mountains.

mae hong song loop mae hong song loop

The beaches in Southeast Asia weren’t so bad either

thailand beaches

Making a pair of shoes out of a rubber tire I collected from the side of the road and some earrings out of beer cans. Because upcycling.

south east asia malaysia south east asia malaysia

Watching Jonas build a solar oven and successfully bake a cake with it.

solar oven malaysia

Borneo’s jungles and the world’s largest caves.

borneoborneo mulu national park

Vietnamese coffee and bahn mi! I almost forgot about those complimentary iced green teas. Love those.

coffee stand vientma - ho chi minh city coffee, free ice tea and bahn mi vietnam

Discovering forgotten caves in Thailand

northern thailand caves northern thailand caves northern thailand caves

These are actually ancient “death ships” used to take the deceased on a journey to the next life.

Eating like a Sarawakian.

sarawak food borneo laksa borneo

Staring at my feet for 14 days and basically being held captive by Thai monks who said I was not ready to be released. Yep, 14 day Vipassana silent meditation retreat.

vipassana thailand

Jonas trying to capture my zen moments after being let go. The Head Monk kept insisting “you need on more week…. for your staaaate of mind”

Malaysia’s food. It’s just. Do me a favor and please go to Malaysia just to eat. Check out my Kuala Lumpur food guide

food in malaysia

Everything about Bali

The kind Sarawakians we will never forget


Borneo will always be my favorite country.

The children of Vietnam and being Miss Sasha (hardest name ever for them). Here’s how to teach English in Vietnam

vietnam english teaching

The food of Vietnam (Vegan heaven!)

Climbing volcanoes because what else are we going to do today

climbing mount batur bali, indonesia climbing mount batur bali, indonesia Cooking eggs and bananas on the top of mount Batur Bali

We literally cooked a breakfast of eggs and bananas with the hot steam from the volcano.

Cooking eggs and bananas on the top of mount Batur Bali The crater of Mount Batur Bali Indonesia

Having a mud bath because what else are we going to do today?

mudbath Natrang Vietnam

Learning how to cook Thai food at our favourite restaurant in Chiang Mai

chiang mai thailand

The Street Art of Georgetown, Malaysia

georgetown malaysia georgetown malaysia georgetown malaysia georgetown malaysia

My (almost) daily dragonfruit

dragonfruit south east asia

I will stop myself there. Looking back, we had so many different experiences in that 6 month time frame. I think the best part about Southeast Asia or any travel in general is that it is really whatever you want it to be and whatever you make it.

Have you been to South East Asia? What were some of your highlights?