New Zealand is a really accessible country job wise that is often short staffed in many fields, creating many opportunities for young working holidayers.

Specialized Work

What’s your specialization? What did you do back home?

If you are a skilled worker, like a media technician, yoga instructor, chef, painter, graphic designer, accountant, etc, you can easily find a job in your field just as you would back home. Applying online to the posting, sending a personal email to the owner telling them why you’re interested, and stopping by in person is a great way to show interest in the company and introduce yourself. For working holiday jobs in New Zealand, this is a great way to continue work in your field while experiencing a new country.

Specialized Work Salary in New Zealand – They may ask you how much you want to be paid (like my boyfriend who was really put on the spot with this one! Luckily he high-balled it and was given this pay!) Look up the countries minimum and average for your field to figure out something suitable.

Use a website like Indeed or Seek


Hospitality pays better in New Zealand where you can at least count on some tips.

Retail Salary in New Zealand – Minimum at $14.25

Apply in person or Trademe


Hospitality is a fun way to work and make friends with locals and other young travelers.

I loved working as a barista and waitstaff in a fun little cafe in Dunedin, New Zealand. My coworkers were so fun and I really got to know the community as I served them coffee day by day. The hospitality sector is great for working holiday jobs in New Zealand.

Hospitality Salary in New Zealand – $14-$18

Apply in person or Trademe

Kitchen Hands and Dish Washers

If you don’t have the best English (you might not be reading this) but kitchen hand work is the best bet for you!

If you aren’t too excited about waitering or working with customers, you get to chop veggies, snack with the chefs and wash dishes.

Kitchen Hand Salary in New Zealand – $14.25 minimum

This is a casual job you can pick up anywhere use a site like Trademe or apply in person.


This is one of the hardest working holiday jobs in New Zealand in my opinion but it is nearly guaranteed because of their high turnaround rate.

Many travelers take face to face fundraising and door to door jobs in New Zealand.

Fundraising Salary in New Zealand – $18

Check out Indeed.

Farm Work

Farm work is regulated and pretty legit in New Zealand! You won’t run into any scams like you would in Australia.

In New Zealand, just drive to the vineyards or orchards and ask if they need a hand! You usually need a car, or find a buddy with one! The places are remote. It is a lot of fun to camp out in the middle of the country, stars are bright and the air clean. Cool experience to see where your food really comes from and what it takes to harvest it. Grape picking or pruning is easy, avoid pumpkins and watermelons! Apple picking is hard work as well. Kiwis are in North Island.

Farm Work Salary in New Zealand – $14.25

Drive to the farm, word of mouth or use a site like Backpacker Board

Dream Jobs

I crewed on a yacht crossing the Tasman and helped out at a yoga centre. I put my name on a South Island Film Crew List and got offered a job through that months later. Through my networks I am now a freelance designer. What do you want to do? Do some research, whatever you can do back home, you can do abroad as well. Just get out there!

Job Search Engines and Sites

Here are some sites that will help you out in your search on how to find working holiday jobs.

Trademe – Great for hospitality, labour, retail, farm work and odd jobs

Backpacker Board – Helpful with finding farmwork

Indeed – Specialized work

Seek – Specialized work