A couple of weekends ago we went exploring on this abandoned island in Malta with our drone. Manoel Island was closed off to the public for 16 years after a private building company bought off the land and closed it off for future development. They had plans to build a boutique hotel and a mega-casino. Thankfully, they never did build these atrocities.

The area around this island has been grossly developed and finally the people of Gzira protested in 2016 and earned rights for everyone to enjoy Manoel Island. The island is still very restricted and the local people can only enjoy this island on the weekends from 8am-8pm.

Little did we know that the public is not allowed to explore the fort area and is restricted to the foreshore. Nevertheless, Manoel Island is a beautiful piece of Malta that should be made completely accessible and turned into a National Park for all.

With little open space and development largely taking over Malta, Manoel Island is a necessary haven in the midst of overdevelopment.