Copenhagen is the ridiculously charming (and ridiculously expensive) capital city of Denmark. We spent a few days strolling the city’s polished streets, gawking at the rather fantastic architecture (and head-turning Danes) and stumbling our way through the Green Light District – Free Christiania. Even with their one, rather consistent season of cold, the Danish manage to bike all year, sport spring fashion, dress to the nines, partake in outdoor sports – all of this being beyond impressive to this native Californian when 18 degrees with a slight drizzle might as well be a snow day. So, Copenhagen. Tell your wallet to stop crying and explore this stunner of a city, by bike would be fitting, and I promise you’ll leave inspired. 

The Little Mermaid

Many visitors are disappointed by this, very literally, little mermaid. While this bronze statue is little (and what’s wrong with that anyway? It’s even in the name), it does have an absolutely beautiful back story to it. Plus, it’s a lovely stroll through the city, barracks, and parks.

Town hall roof

View chasers, head to town hall for free access to the rooftop for the perfect snap of the city.

Stroll the world’s oldest port

Fun fact: Copenhagen is home to our world’s oldest port which makes for a perfect stop for a coffee, lunch or dinner. 

Our Saviour Church

Our Saviour Church apparently has views to Sweden on a clear day but you’ll have to pay for it. 

Free Christiania

For those with high expectations, head to the Green Light District – Free Christiana. It’s where you go if you want to buy and smoke weed sort of legally. Basically the cops don’t come there and that goes back to the trading days in this area. From March onwards there’s free concerts on Sundays.

The Viking Museum

Just outside of Copenhagen, in the town of Roskilde, you’ll find the Viking Museum, which we heard was pretty darn cool. Get yourself a 24 hour SMS transport pass, make the trek and tell me how it is.

The Museums

Copenhagen has impressive museums that can’t be missed.

Tivoli Gardens Amusement Park

You can’t miss it, Tivoli Gardens is a local favourite and located right in the city centre.

Rent a bike 

Roll like the Danes. There’s regular and electric bikes that can be rented throughout town.

Quick Guide

Getting around

24 hour transport pass – Purchase a 24 hour transport pass via SMS and keep your phone charged. Alternatively, you can purchase a City Pass paper ticket at the Copenhagen Airport or Central Train Station.

Where to Stay

We stayed at a cozy Airbnb – our own room in sort of a student type of share house for $20 USD/night.

Heard great things about The Generator. Plus it fits all budgets. 

Have you ever been to Copenhagen? Is it on your list? Tell me in the comments below.