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Once upon a time there was a Thai couple and a farm. Farming is all the Thai couple knew and they loved the land. They grew many vegetables and supported their family for decades. Then one day something awfully peculiar happened…

The land split.

The land split in two and separated forming a large crack or ravine. The water drained through the crack and the land was no longer fertile. Vegetables couldn’t grow here any longer. What would this traditional Thai family do when farming is all they knew?

Not much could grow but they knew the land. They planted roselle hibiscus bushes, passionfruit vines, pumpkin and potatoes where they could.

Located in the popular hippie town of Pai, many tourists drive down the road on which their farm lies, to head to one of the local waterfalls. The sun is out and it can get scorchingly hot. Travellers and tourists travel to the Pai waterfall on motorbike down hot and windy roads.

The family came up with an idea. They would invite the travellers passing through to enjoy a cold cup of roselle juice, passion fruits, or whatever they could come up with from their garden. The travellers could then donate for the small refreshments if they so desire and continue on to the waterfall.

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Welcome to this Thai couple’s humble home – The Land Split.

the land split, paid, thailand

They warmly invite us to sit down to enjoy a cup of their famous roselle hibiscus juice. Minutes later, they bring out some delicious homemade crackers, roselle jam, simple potatoes, and a bowl of passionfruits. But wait, there’s more. The man brings us this bottle of “Roselle wine..Just a little bit, just a little alcohol. Good good! Try” He insists. Okay, why not. The wine is about 50% alcohol. Woah! Everything is so delicious, especially the roselle juice and the jam. We know we’re going to have to buy a bag of their dried roselle.

land split pai thailand

Okay, so let’s see if the story is true. We hike up the hill to their farmland to check out the supposed land split. Yup, there it is. That is really bizarre?! Like some wrath of God biblical shiz. What bad luck.

the actual split

The Land Split is awesome if you’re a sort of alternative foodie type. I loved it. This small little rest stop is one of my fondest memories of Thailand. If you’re in Northern Thailand, Chiang Mai or Pai regions, do not miss this one. We bought a kilo of the roselle hibiscus that I’m still drinking months later (I’ve been saving it). On one trip to the waterfall, we stopped by The Land Split on the way there and we thought okay, we have to stop by again on the way back. Jonas was dying for more, and tried to go again a week later. Unfortunately, he got in a motorbike crash on the way there. Everyone was okay, but no more roselle juice for Jonas. It’s just a special little stop. Check it out.

P.S. Do you even tourist?