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My Fave Restaurant in the World: Propaganda Vietnamese Bistro

Propaganda Vietnamese Bistro in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam is officially my favourite restaurant in the world. Of course there will be many more restaurants but for now, Propaganda Vietnamese Bistro is the winner when it comes to my type of fine dining.

The restaurant has just got it right. Every detail is looked after with handcrafted artistic care from the beautiful ceiling fans, to the funky propaganda mural, to the gas lanterns on each table, to The Fugees playing. It’s a perfect mix of fine dining with artistic flair. The French owner, a power woman wearing a beanie with two tatted sleeves, laughs with her Vietnamese employees and welcomes her guests. She knows her restaurant is perfect.

propaganda vietnamese bistro
Lunch time at Propaganda Vietnamese Bistro

The food is contemporary Vietnamese fusion. You can enjoy beautiful salads, hot bowls of pho, their famous hand rolls, and various steaming vegetable and meat dishes. We loved the atmosphere of Propaganda Vietnamese Bistro that the first few times we just came to enjoy a few deserts. While the food isn’t expensive to Western wallets, for Vietnamese it is pricey. As we were on a budget, we decided to hold out for the full dining experience until Christmas dinner.

propaganda vietnamese bistro
Homemade dark chocolate icecream made with Vietnam’s finest Marou chocolate. Topped off with a crunchy sesame wafer. Costs around $3.50

Christmas dinner was so utterly fantastic we just couldn’t spoil it by pulling out our camera. Sorry folks! We ordered drinks, appetisers, mains, and desert. I ordered an aloe vera, coconut water drink and Jonas ordered the perfect passionfruit, mango juice. We enjoyed a beautiful hummus platter with perfectly cut carrots and handmade pita. Jonas’ is a die hard Greek salad fan and we weren’t disappointed with the roasted red peppers and huge chunks of feta. For the main we enjoyed a spinach lasagna from their partner restaurant Au Parc next door. We didn’t look at prices and at the end it just came to $30 USD for two for our 4 course meal. Propaganda Vietnamese Bistro in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam is a must eat. Check it out if you’re in HCMC.

propaganda vietnamese bistro
A food photographer meticulously photographs their beautiful meals.

I’ll be dreaming about Propaganda for years to come.


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