nha trang mud baths

What to Expect from the Nha Trang Mud Baths

On our first day in the beautiful Vietnamese beach resort town of Nha Trang, you guessed it, it was raining. It was raining all day. Naturally, we decided to indulge in one of the area’s specialties – the Nha Trang mud baths. I was excited, I always dreamed of a mud bath! Since, I never pamper myself (I’ve never been to a spa or gotten a massage before!) we spent quite a deal of time researching the options.


Nha Trang Mud Baths


That Ba Hot Springs – This spa is the cheapest and most popular for 150,000 D ($7) p/p for a communal mud bath, private bath is 600,000 D ($30) for 2.
The spa is located 6 kilometers out of town, with a shuttle for 60,000D ($3) from your hotel. You can enjoy great views from this spa.


100Eggs – Mid range for 250,000 D ($12) p/p for a bath in their egg shaped baths (you may have to share). According to Travelfish there’s a daily shuttle from the mall for 15,000 each way to 100eggs which is also about 6 km out of town. This was their favourite because of the kitschy but rather cute egg theme. The mud baths are set in a very massive park that you can enjoy for the day.


Galina Mud Bath and Spa– High end 4 star spa for 250,000 ($12) for 3-5 group bath, private bath is 700,000 D ($35) for 2. Galina is located within walking distance of the hotels. This is the luxury experience. Everything is clean, maintained, and comfortable. The mud is silky smooth and warm. Oh yeah and the spa is designed to look like a cave.


We just couldn’t decide. Do I want to share a communal tub of cold mud with the Russian tourists? Do I want the luxury spa experience or a cute little egg shaped bath in the nature? In the end the prices started to look quite similar when we factored in the transport. So we decided, we will take the luxury Galina experience and share with 1-2 others for the cheaper package. Our hotel called Galina, who replied that they’ll just give us our own private experience for that price!
Moral of story: you can always always haggle.


The Mud Bath Procedure


The spas all have the same procedure more or less (especially when it comes to the mud you aren’t meant to soak for that long). This is what we experienced at Galina.
  • 20-45 minute mud bath
  • Hot mineral shower
  • 20-30 minute steam and sauna
  • 10 minute foot bath
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Jacuzzi
  • Mineral pool
  • Shower
  • Tea and candied ginger
 Extra bonus: swimwear provided, slippers, towel and water


nha trang mud baths
We chose Galina Spa which is the more luxurious option in town. We paid for a communal tub and they gave us a private.

When we entered they escorted us up to the spa and filled up a new tub with clean hot mud.

nha trang mud baths
The hot mud whirling in
Let’s talk about the mud!


Silky, smooth, a little bit of grit, warm, and just lovely. We spent a good 40 minutes lavishing in this mud bath. I dunked my head in and soaked my whole head. My hair loved it. My ears – not so much. It was so relaxing and beautiful. I walked in a stressed messed, and the next day I’m sitting here just as calm as ever.
nha trang mud baths
Basking in our mud bath! Who knew mud was such a great conditioner?
What is the mud good for?
All the locals report the mud bath leaves your skin soft, like a baby, and they love it. Research shows that the mud draws out toxins and impurities from your body making it a very healing treatment. Mud baths also relax muscles and improve blood circulation, which hand in hand releases stress and allows your body to let go. It relieves pain, stiff joints, and treats skin conditions. Not to mention, it is just great for rejuvenating the skin and conditioning the hair.


Is it clean?
Your mud bath is freshly pumped just for you at Galina and the other spas report that they clean the mud daily.


nha trang mud baths
30 mins into the mud bath.

Overall, I wish I could go everyday. I’m making it a point to try mud baths whenever I get the opportunity.

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