Neuschwanstein Castle

Neuschwanstein Castle Impressions | A Photo Diary

Whether you know it or not, we have all seen Neuschwanstein Castle. That’s because this is the castle that inspired Walt Disney’s Magic Kingdom – the castle you see at Disneyland and Disney’s signature castle. Today, Neuschwanstein Castle is Germany’s most famous castle and one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world with over 1,300,000 people crossing its gate each year.

Here are some photos from our day trip to the castle. I would tell you about all the history but you’ll learn about that in the rather short tour.

neuschwanstein castle
Driving to Neuschwanstein Castle. It sits in the rocky mountains protected by the forest

neuschwanstein castle

neuschwanstein castle
It’s a small hike up to the castle. Around 15 minutes to the top
neuschwanstein castle
We reach the top and stroll around the outside of Neuschwanstein Castle before our tour begins. You must explore the interior of the castle with a tour
Neuschwanstein Castle
The castle is beautiful on a snowy day with the snow covering the mountains. In the spring or summer it will look more “Disney”
Neuschwanstein Castle
Entering the castle grounds
Neuschwanstein Castle
You’re not meant to take photos inside the castle as it is all in its original state. I was able to snap one in the hallway in the unfinished part of the castle. That is the Kodak picture point bridge where you can get a great shot of the castle. It was under repairs when we were there
Neuschwanstein Castle
My favourite photo from the day. The majestic Neuschwanstein Castle. Beautiful
bavarian beer lady at neuschwanstein castle
Standard German waitress. Some beer and gluwein (hot wine) to cheers the day

Important Information:

There are two castles right across from each other. One is Neuschwanstein Castle, Ludwig the Second’s castle, and just across is his father’s castle and where Ludwig II lived. You can visit just Neuschwanstein Castle or make a combo tour to both castles. Tours are in English and German. There’s also audio tours in different languages.

1 Castle Tour is 12 Euro

2 Castle Combo Tour is 23 Euro

Füssen is the local town where you can find accommodation, transport to the castle and enjoy the shops, cafes and restaurants. We spotted 18 euro rooms just a 5 minute walk from town centre.

Souvenirs are best within the castle (you must exit through 2 giftshops) and in the village of Füssen. Avoid the tourist village at the base of the castle.

And of course, go early to beat the crowds.

Have you been to Neuschwanstein Castle or planning on going?

P.S. Do you even tourist?


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