Apps are my new best friends. I didn’t realize the power of them until I had to figure out something to manage my hectic, crazy, disorganized digital nomad work life on the road! These are my must have apps for digital nomads that you should get used to now and add to your digital toolbox

The Every Day Apps for Digital Nomads

These are the must have apps for digital nomads that you will use all the time.

World Time BuddyThis is a great app to compare & convert time zones and schedule meetings for your different clients in their respective countries. You need this if you are a digital nomad working for clients internationally.

XE Currency Converter – The need for this is self explanatory. It’s a great currency converter app you can download on any device.

Hours Keeper – I downloaded many different time tracking apps and this one works the best for me. The interface is easy and simple. It’s just a calendar and you add your time to it each day for each client. They also have a “clock in” and “clock out” function, it’s great! You include your different clients and set their hourly rate and then at the end of the week you can generate your invoice with one click and email in another.

MomentumThis is awesome. The beautiful interface just makes me feel organized and fresh. It’s a Chrome extension and it makes every new tab or window like this:

Time Management System

PomodoroIt’s a whole method in it’s own. The Pomodoro Technique. You start working with a 25 minute timer on. This is called a Pomodoro. Then you take a 5 minute break (on the timer). Again for 25 minutes, again with the 5 minute break. You do this throughout your work day and every so often you are allowed a 10 minute break. It trains you to only work during those 25 minutes and not to procrastinate.

You can use an actual kitchen timer (where this method was born) or download one of the many apps.


Slack – When you’re working with clients you will start to communicate via email, then maybe FB chat, Skype calls – you name it. It can get pretty crazy and if you are working on ongoing projects for one client, you should have a better system of communication in place. Try to get them on board this messaging app for teams. Everything is organized, easy to find, integrated, and could save you if you’re dying from all your emails.


Canva – This is an easy and intuitive design tool. It’s not technical like Adobe programs and it’s also not advanced. What it does have is the layers, opacity, text, free stock photos, and a helpful gallery of templates for many project types, backgrounds, icons, and shapes to give you the opportunity to make quick designs. They have a pretty good app too!

File Sharing

Drive – I can’t believe I just started using Drive. You can create a clouded folder system which you can share with your clients and your clients can share with you. If you use gmail it just is so easy to save the images that are sent to you right into these drive folders.

Dropbox – Cloud storage and file sharing. Sometimes Drive is super slow and Dropbox saves the day. I use both.

WeTransfer – When every thing else fails, try WeTransfer. You don’t even have to sign up and can send up to 2 gb at a time.

An App for Virtual Assistants

Snagit – Screen capture software. It is great for making video tutorials for your clients. Your clients hired you because you’re the digital one right? A client of mine recently provided me with this app so I can send her tutorials on request. It makes it easier for both of us. And who knows maybe you could upload those tutorials on youtube or something…

Project Management

Asana – It’s free. You can have multiple projects with tasks, subtasks and on top of that you can assign the tasks and subtasks to teammates with deadlines. Crucial.

Handy Apps for Social Media Gurus

Onlypult – The best instagram scheduling tool. Clean interface. Rules over Schedugram.

If you’re thinking about becoming a digital nomad, check out my article Becoming a Digital Nomad: Beginner’s Tips to get started! I learned this all the very hard way so I hope it can save you some heartache.

What are your must have apps for digital nomads? Have you tried any of these? Love to hear your thoughts!