Over Christmas my boyfriend and I took the long flight from New Zealand to Germany, all the way around to the other side of the world. Luckily, our flight there was with Qatar, who supplied everything we needed to be comfortable, but on our way back we were flying with a different airline.

All I can say is before you get on that plane do not forget these long flight essentials:

1. Empty water bottle, they may or may not offer you free beverages on your flight. Qatar provides free booze even, but enough about Qatar. With an empty water bottle just ask the stuartist to fill you up. That recycled ventilated air will make you thirsty, and sometimes sick. Stay hydrated!

2. Lotion, On long flights you will dry out, bring lotion to stay comfortable

3. Baby wipes, It sometimes will feel like an eternity since your last shower. The baby wipes cleanse, I learned this on a sailing voyage. To save our resources, everyone simply wiped themselves down head to toe with baby wipes. It works, don’t forget them.

4. Chapstick, Again, you’re going to get dried out.

5. Socks, An extra pair of clean, comfortable socks in your carry on goes a long way

Those are the top 5 long flight essentials that you will probably overlook. Here are a few others I like to bring along:

  • Earplugs
  • Sleeping mask
  • Headphones
  • Change of clothes, especially comfy track pants
  • Flippy floppys
  • Snacks!