Hostel Life Down Under

Hostel Life Down Under: Don’t be surprised if…

Hostel Life Down Under

Starting your backpacking adventure? One word: Hostels. And two words: Hostel Life

Coming from America, Hostels were a romanticized fairytale…I had friends traveling in Europe and staying at these hostels, wow, a hostel! I imagined all the young people from countries I’ve never even heard of traveling and staying at one place. Hostel life, How exciting!

Hostels have lived up to my pre-travel fantasies. And amongst all the grit and bedbugs, hostel life can be quite romantic. I met my boyfriend at the last hostel I stayed at and my whole life has changed course.

Don’t be surprised if…

First off, it may look like this one 

You may or may not get bed bugs 

You make a lot of new friends who will come and go or maybe you’ll go with them!

You meet every sort of backpacker and hear the craziest stories and the most awesome tips

All your food is eaten

Your drink bottle is turned into an herb vase

You fall in love

All the female inhabitants are strippers (if your hostel is in the red light district of town)

Your clothes are missing but your cameras and laptop are fine

You have a pasta party with the whole hostel, especially at the hostel inhabited by Italians

Everyone just sits in the lounge watching television together

You are surrounded by 18 year old Germans listening to techno

Everyone is rolling cigarettes and chain smoking

It’s so cold inside the hostel you can see your breath- it’s warmer outside and it’s New Zealand winter brr

The Russian owners kicks you out…twice

Nothing works and it’s Australian summer,39 degrees, AC is broken, no fans

You learn how to cook Swedish, Italian, Thai, and French cuisine

You busk with the fellow backpackers

There is one drunk backpacker breaking things and causing a ruckus

You and the fellow backpackers decide to make a short film 

King’s Cup is played, every night

You go out to town on Monday night, Tuesday night, Wednesday…

You drink Goon

You regularly visit the casino or pokies

The room is an absolute mess and the guy next to you smells

You could have the time of your life or hate it and get your own room. Anything could happen! Happy Backpacking!



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