Hikes in Malta: Mellieha’s Red Tower

With November bringing fresh winds to the Maltese archipelago, we start to quickly transition from long days at the beach to hikes around the countryside.

On the perfect November day, we comfortably set out to explore the North of Malta and finally make our way to Malta’s famous Red Tower. Starting from Għadira Bay in Mellieha, we enjoy a walk along the whole stretch of the beach. Since it’s November, we can actually see the sand and have a peaceful beach walk unlike the overly crowded summer months.

At the end of the beach, we head towards the trailer park on the top of the hill where we follow the street behind the community. Google maps is showing this leads to a trail and while Google maps is often horrendously wrong in Malta, we’re in exploring mode and give it a go.

Follow the street behind the trailer park and turn right onto this path.

If you like abandoned buildings like Jonas there’s this massive abandoned hotel(?) along the way.

The trail ends right right at this road leading to Saint Agatha’s Tower or the “Red Tower”.

You can admire the Red Tower from outside and continue on your hike or pay a €2 entry fee to explore inside the Red Tower.

The view. The Red Tower served as the line of communication for the Knights of St John  connecting Malta with St Mary’s Tower on the island of Comino.

There’s plenty of information for all the history buffs to read up on once inside the Red Tower.

Did you enjoy hiking to the Red Tower as much as we did?


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