roselle tea

I was introduced to roselle juice (or rather tea as it is brewed) for the first time in Northern Thailand. First, I had roselle hibiscus kombucha from a cool little fermentation cafe in the hippy town of Pai. Then, we discovered the hidden treasure of The Land Split. A donation based rest stop where a Thai family offers passerbyz their home brewed roselle juice. It’s delicious. We had to take a bag home.

Turns out people from all around the globe have been drinking this stuff for centuries. Not to mention it’s a popular folk medicine for a variety of conditions.

“It is high in calcium, niacin, riboflavin, vitamin C and iron… And the beverages have no caffeine. In East Africa, “Sudan tea” is consumed as medicine to cure coughs. In Guatamala, roselle is believed to cure hangovers. In Senegal, a roselle extract is said to lower blood pressure. In India, Africa and Central America, infusions made from roselle calyces or seeds are prescribed as a diuretic, to stimulate bile production and to treat fever.” Read more at ESgreen

The health benefits of roselle juice (or hibiscus tea) are amazing. I didn’t even know until I began writing this. I was just drinking it because it’s delicious and do you see that colour? They say it even reduces the risk of cancer. More research is being done in this area.

The Health Benefits of Roselle Juice:

Rich in Antioxidants, Vitamin C – Roselle juice is rich in antioxidants, absorbic acid (Vitamin C) making it a healing juice to your body; it protects and heals liver, fights cancerous cells, boosts the immune system, fights bad bacteria, lowers cholesterol and high blood pressure. All the goodness in roselle juice also helps to balance hormones.

Anti Inflammatory Properties – Roselle juice has anti inflammatory properties which helps lower blood pressure and aid other inflammatory problems.

“Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, hibiscus tea can reduce blood pressure by up to 10 points, according to research done at Tufts University in Boston. For this drastic improvement to occur, you need to consume three cups every day for a few weeks. Also, hibiscus tea has diuretic properties that increase urination, simultaneously lowering blood pressure.” – Organic Facts

Anti Cancer PropertiesThis is a goodie.

“Hibiscus tea contains hibiscus protocatechuic acid which has anti-tumor and antioxidant properties. A studyconducted by the Department and Institute of Biochemistry at the Chung Shan Medical and Dental College, in Taichung, Taiwan suggests that hibiscus slows down the growth of cancerous cells by inducing apoptosis, commonly known as programmed cell death.” Read more at Organic Facts.

Antidepressant Properties – Roselle juice calms the nervous system. Sip sip.

Weight LossPour me another?! Roselle juice inhibits the production of amylase (which is responsible for the absorption of starch and glucose). Starch + Glucose = Weight. Roselle Tea + Your Diet = Healthy Weight Maintenance.

Diuretic – Because Roselle juice increases urination and bowel movements, it is a great digestion aid and can be used to treat constipation.

These are the plant’s calyces. Brew a good handful or two of these with hot water. Let cool and add honey to the warm tea. Without honey, the brew will be sour. Note: Never expose honey to hot temperatures – it kills all the beneficial elements in the honey. Once cooled, refrigerate.