I recommend ME.n.U Cafe & Lodge located just off of Love Lane in Georgetown. This is a restored historical Chinese building in a great location, with competitive prices, and great services including free breakfast and wifi. A very clean and tidy 12 bed mixed dormitory is $22 RM a night, around $6 USD. The deluxe double is $60 RM a night, around $18 USD. I felt like a Chinese geisha or something walking around the long hallways of this historical Chinese building in my Asian clogs. The hotel is special!

34 Stewart Lane 10200, George Town, Penang, Malaysia
Free breakfast included!

Rainforest Cafe X Mugshot Cafe
Sister cafés located side by side and connected. Rainforest Cafe has divine cakes and chocolate eclairs. We tried the Blackforest. At Mugshot cafe enjoy specialty roasts, bagels and homemade yoghourt.

Kapitan 24 hour Indian
This is the best Indian we’ve had so far in South East Asia and actually in my whole life. Plus the prices were dirt cheap. The place is always packed so they are really busy and recommend you to eat off their set menu – Meat Briyani or Vegetable Briyani. They will tell you they are out of stock of anything else they don’t want to make. However, if you are stern you can try their delicious Palak Paneer or Mushroom Masala. We were forced into eating the Briyani one night and of course this is also delicious.
They have their own “energy drink” which is a big wok full of yellow colored almond milk. We were curious and tried it. So delicious! They spice it with saffron and cardamon, throw in some sliced almonds and milky skin. Try iced and with no sugar.
Their ice tea uses real fresh milk unlike every other place we’ve been to uses the Nestle condensed milk.  They also have a mean Star Fruit juice! It was all so yummy I couldn’t stand to wait the extra moment for any of these dishes and take a photo!

We didn’t try much of their food and mainly just went because they have dragonfruit and red guava fruits. They can make you one delicious ice blended dragon fruit + red guava juice, no sugar, no water. Try it! The only other place I had one of these so good was in Bali, Indonesia. Not the easiest to come by!

Try Penang’s famous Laksa. There’s a morning market in town, just ask around and they sell laksa until about noon there. Laksa is very much a breakfast dish for Malaysians. It’s hard for me to eat it for breakky, so go around 11/12 for brunch.

Street Art Scavenger Hunt Ask your hotel for the map with the street art marked. There are many more pieces around town than the ones on the map, but it will get you to some of the most famous pieces. Local artist, Ernest Zacharevic is responsible for this beautiful street art throughout Malaysia.


Bike ride
Rent a bike for around $10 a day and cruise around the city, admiring the artwork, buildings, temples and people. 

Camera Museum is a fun stop. Ticket prices are meant to be 20RM but the lady at the ticket counter offered us 10RM. So maybe you can even haggle this?

There are plenty of things to do in Georgetown other than these suggestions, these are just my personal favourites and recommendations! This historical World Heritage Town is home to many museums, cafés, restaurants, hawker food courts, markets, shopping, and some night life. It is quite touristy but very very pleasant! We stayed for 3 days and I was sad to leave!

Is Georgetown, Malaysia on your bucket list?

P.S. Do you even tourist?