roman trail, xemxija malta

Exploring the Roman Trail | Xemxija, Malta (Photo Blog!)

The Xemxija Heritage Trail, or better known as the Roman Trail, is truly one of Malta’s hidden historical treasures. It’s not largely publicised and doesn’t get a lot of attention like the commercialized Blue Grotto and Malta’s hot spots like Valletta and Mdina. But if you’re a history or nature lover, Malta’s Roman Trail is wonderful, passing by ancient cave dwellings, Roman apiaries, ancient graffiti, Malta’s oldest carob tree, tombs and Roman baths among other sights. All of which you can explore at your own leisure, no fencing, entry fees, or restrictions of any kind. Except of course, respect the place and keep it clean.

Without spoiling too much, here’s a photo blog of a day strolling the Roman Trail.

The roman trail, xemxija Malta

The roman trail, xemxija Malta

The roman trail, xemxija Malta

The roman trail, xemxija Malta

Malta's oldest carob tree, The roman trail, xemxija Malta

Cave, the roman trail, xemxija Malta

Prickly pears, the roman trail, xemxija, malta

Tomb, the roman trail, xemxija, Malta


Have you explored Xemxija’s Roman Trail? 


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