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Expats in Malta: Finding a Job in Malta (my story!)

My move to Malta was very much on a whim and considered a “risk” by my family and friends back in the States. It was two years ago, on a cold, snowy “spring” day in Germany, suffering from a severe case of cabin fever, when I discovered Malta. There was zero chance of stepping outdoors so I spent hours surfing the web searching for a place in Europe that would be slightly more inviting to this California native.

Google searches included: Where in Europe is it sunny all the time? Where in Europe has the cleanest ocean? What are the cheapest places to live in Europe? Best countries in Europe for digital nomadsmoving to malta

I obviously needed sun, the sea and ideally some gorgeous architecture and history, which is what draws Americans to Europe in the first place. Greece, Spain and Portugal quickly became places of interest but all had their drawbacks. Greece has a depressing economic situation while Spain and Portugal have some language barriers. Since I speak intermediate French, France was was also on the ideas list but having visited France in the past, I felt the urge to experience some place completely new.

When I stumbled across Malta, it sounded too good to be true. I spent the second half of the day scrolling through photos on Pinterest in pure disbelief. This place existed and it checked all of the right boxes. Stunning architecture, crystal clear sea, low cost of living, Mediterranean food, international DJs and long summers – this was the place for me.

There and then I decided we would move to this tiny island in the middle of the Mediterranean.

We arrived in the middle of summer and after a month of lounging by the sea, we started our job hunt. It could be beginner’s luck but after jut a week of job hunting, both my boyfriend and I had landed jobs on the island.

Finding a job in Maltafinding a job in malta

Here are great starting points for your job search from online job boards to signs in shop windows:

Online job boards in Malta:

New jobs are posted everyday on these online job boards. I have notifications set from Keepmeposted and JobsinMalta for my career interests that get sent to my email immediately when a new position is posted. Keepmeposted is the most active online job board in Malta but JobsinMalta is growing as well.

Recruitment agencies: 

Most recruitment agencies in Malta place people in the iGaming or Financial industries in Malta. These recruitment agencies have been referred to me from friends who have been successfully placed. There are many more but this should be a good starting point!

Social Media: 

You would be surprised by the amount of jobs that go around on Facebook alone in Malta. Advertising, marketing and media companies often only post jobs on social media, leaving the job boards and recruitment agencies out of the picture. I also see job postings on Instagram and of course LinkedIn is a great way to get in touch with recruiters.

Spend a day researching the companies in your field and follow them on social media!

Here are some helpful Facebook groups where jobs are posted quite frequently in Malta:

Straight to the source:

Lastly, if you’re looking for a job in hospitality, this is a door to door type of effort going straight to the source – CV in hand. Otherwise, researching the companies that are of interest to you and visiting their websites looking for open positions is a great step. Once you’re settled in Malta you will also realize word of mouth goes a long way on this small island. Make a good impression, start networking and people will refer you to open positions.

Malta’s biggest employers

The iGaming industry is one of the largest employers on the island with the highest salaries on the island too. The financial and fintech industries are strong as well. Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are another hot topic and upcoming industry on the island with Malta being the first country in the world to set up DLT regulation. Medical marijuana is set to become a reality as well with the government looking at opening the island to growing and manufacturing.

Working at a Maltese company vs foreign company

Over the last two years, I have been working in the media industry at two different local companies. From my experience, working at a local company means you will be working mainly with Maltese people whereas a foreign company will be more international.

Maltese people from what I’ve seen can be a bit of workaholics especially if they love what they do. Nothing wrong with that except there is less of work/life separation at many local companies meaning the 9-5 can be expected to extend through your off hours.

The salaries are much lower at local companies except maybe at the hotels, where you can find better wages.

The pro of working at a Maltese company, again from my experience, is the ability to easily move into different positions and also do varied work in your role. This could be a con for some people but I thoroughly enjoy this aspect of being able to wear multiple hats.

Perks of working in Maltafinding a job in malta

This year full time workers have 25 days of paid time off. There’s a few government bonuses in the mix and 10-14 days of public holidays. Not to mention, if you love summer, Malta basically has 6 months of it from May to October.

Working in Malta as a non-EU foreigner

For Europeans, working on the island is not a problem and more or less like working elsewhere in Europe.

If you’re not from the EU, you have a few options. Check out the official website for citizens and expatriates here that lists all the visa options with respective forms. For all of the various forms, there’s a checklist that accompanies your application that include things like private health insurance to your rental contract. If you’re moving to Malta, make Evan’s Building in Valletta your first stop.

Thinking about working in Malta or already work here? What do you think of my tips? 


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