The Exotic Fruits of Southeast Asia You Have to Try

The exotic fruits of Southeast Asia are quite possibly going to be the biggest thing I miss about this part of the globe.

When you’re traveling in Southeast Asia over an extended period of time you kind of get used the luxury of eating these exotic fruits. Now I’m in Europe and the price of one passionfruit makes me cry. These are the exotic fruits that make traveling Southeast Asia that much better. Make sure you try them and I know I’ve missed a few too so someone outdo me.

Durian (AKA The King of Fruits AKA The Stinkiest Fruit Ever)muslim malaysia

Let’s just start with Durian. Durian, durian durian. It’s an absolute love or hate relationship no inbetweeners when it comes to this Southeast Asian fruit. It is known to have a very strong and distinct odour. It’s so strong (and quite unpleasant for many) that the fruit is actually banned in many airplanes, hotels and public transport. You’ll see ladies eating this fruit with gloves. It’s actually not terrible but it’s not the most delicious fruit in my opinion either.


Crazy in the Coconut


Not all coconuts are created equal. Jonas was on a little mission to find where the world’s most delicious coconuts are hiding in Southeast Asia. This little mission really opened our eyes to the many different coconut types and flavours. From our completely subjective opinion, Bali has the biggest and most sour coconuts while Vietnam has very delicious small but perfectly ripe and fruity coconuts.

Longan or Dragon’s eyes (AKA Fruitato)

We like to call this one the Fruitato. They’re kind of like a lychee or rambutan inside. Just a squishy, fruity blob with a hard seed. It’s a nice snacking fruit.

Snake Fruit


By far one of the most unique of the bunch. It really does look like snake skin doesn’t it? The fruit inside is quite leathery as well with a neutral taste.

Water Apple

Mmmm this one is okaaaay. Not our favourite. Crunchy, watery, and reminiscent of an apple.


Exotic fruits of Southeast asiaExotic fruits of Southeast asia

This is a beautiful fruit. Like any fruit, you can often find overripe ones. Find the perfect mangosteen and you’re in heaven.

Custard Apple (AKA Sweetsop, atis, or sugar apple)

I really do like the taste of this fruit but I happened to always have an allergic reaction to it? I have a weird immune system but putting that aside, this fruit really does taste like vanilla or custard with a very unique sort of creamy texture. Rightfully named custard apple.



Starfruit + Dragonfruit + Guava = The Best Smoothie Ever. Just putting that out there. That was always my go to in Bali (which by the way, has the best and cheapest smoothies in Southeast Asia).


Personal favourite fruit from Southeast Asia. Tastes like fruity vanilla and it’s just so fun. The inside is white with black dots and just look at this beautiful magenta. Ah. This may be the one thing I truly miss about Southeast Asia, Dragonfruit. Dragonfruits make the perfect breakfast or beach treat.

Rambutan and Lychees


Rambutans and lychees are super similar and equally delicious. If you see a fruit stall, pull over and grab a few bunches. Rambutans make the perfect road snack.

Nipah Seeds (Water Coconut)

p1090933 p1090939

We were told that this is a water coconut. Upon googling this fruit, I found the name Nipah Seeds. These are again, squishy little fruits, sort of like lychees. One thing about it is that I think they are terribly too difficult to harvest. This man was whacking away with his machete to first take it off the tree, then second to crack open the seeds. For this tiny little bite of fruit, I felt kind of guilty to make someone work a sweat like that!

So, what is your favourite Southeast Asian fruit?


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