on the road to austria

After two months of hiding out in a sleepy town in the south of Germany, we decided to drive the scenic route from Germany to Italy.

We started to get a bit of cabin fever to say the least and decided we needed to go on a drive. I never realized how exciiiting Europe is until we had this opportunity to pull out the map and decide where to drive to. It was between Paris and Venice for me, i’m a sucker for the romantic cities, and in the end we decided on Venice because the drive was seemingly shorter and we could find parking easier in Venice than Paris we assumed.

My boyfriend is the smart one here and realized we would have to pay tolls in Austria and Italy that would total to 36 euros each way. To save the 70 euros, he spent 2 hours of mapping to plan our toll-free, scenic route.

Driving the scenic route from Germany to Italy was a beautiful trip that I can’t wait to share with you. Here is my photo diary of driving the scenic route from Germany to Italy:

On the road! Austria, here we come!

driving from germany to italy

Our route took us away from the big tunnel that cuts through the Alps and through a series of many toll-free tunnels. The drive was beautiful, we were really lucky with clear skies and snowy mountains.

We made it into the very North of Italy. Signs are in German and in Italian and there are more pizzerias as we continued driving deeper into Italy.

This is the Reschensee, a frozen over lake in the North of Italy. A company built a dam here and flooded the town. This is the bell tower from the church that is high enough that it sticks out from the water. There were a total of 164 homes that were submerged in this village.

After four hours of driving through the Alps and Northern Italy we made it to a town that finally felt like Italy – Trento. The farmer’s market was on and we bought some aged Pecorino cheese.

trento, italy

The town centre of Trento. I love this Triton fountain <3

trento, italy

Back on the road! Just a short stop in Trento!

We made it to Venice, Italy! So charming even with clouds and rain!


Have you taken the scenic route from Germany to Italy? Have you explored the North of Italy? Would love to hear about your experiences!