diy stamp business card

DIY Stamp Business Card

What on earth do I name myself and what should my business cards look like?

I was thinking about it for so long. I knew I needed some business cards to start freelancing but I was getting so hung up on the name. What do I name myself, do I need a business name, oh no do I need some type of license and copyright if I get the name and where do I even start with the cards.

Then I was browsing around on Pinterest, as you do, and I got the idea of getting a custom made stamp for my business card. It was and is the perfect solution. Since I’m traveling I would hate to lug around a bulk order of business cards that might get destroyed when my coconut oil explodes again.

With the DIY stamp business card I can create batches of cards when the time comes. I can use recycled paper, cardboard, even the backs of cereal boxes for a bit of funk, watercolour, multiple stamps, pen, it’s just great because I can play with mediums and really personalise my cards to the client or occasion.

diy stamp business card
So I decided to stop thinking about it and just went with my name. Designer. I do Video, Graphic Design and yes “Other”. I’m a multi-talented woman. I hated the idea of having a email on the business card but also just decided to let go and go with it and played with it a little bit.
diy stamp business card
Then I found another stamp, and a pen, and there you have it. I like it. Front and back of my DIY stamp business card
diy stamp business card
Just for fun. A custom made stamp from Singapore. They usually carve your name in Chinese. This red ink is great.

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