Danang Vietnam is definitely the most underrated city. Most travellers skip Danang entirely. It’s just not on the tourist trail but it’s time we change that. There’s a reason why Danang is the top vacation spot for Vietnamese holidayers.

Here’s why Danang Vietnam is the best city in Vietnam:

It’s sparkly clean

Danang is a remarkably clean and inviting city. You can swim in the ocean and the streets are clear of litter. After some time in Southeast Asia, the city’s cleanliness will be much appreciated.

Vietnam’s best beaches

Long white sandy beaches that are refreshing after some of Thailand’s overpopulated islands. Danang Vietnam is a place you’ll find long empty beaches to yourself. Perfect for a paddle.

Unique temples

The Lady Pagoda is a beautiful temple situated on the mountainous coast line. Surrounded by greenery and overlooking the sea, The Lady Pagoda makes for a wonderful day trip. Hop on a motorbike to admire The Lady up close.

Exotic fruits and cheap markets

exotic fruits vietnam

Danang’s boasts some of the cheapest local markets in Vietnam. Last minute souvenirs anyone?

Danang has the most awesome bridge in the world

I’m sorry the Dragon Bridge spits fire. The. Bridge. Spits. Fire. (every Saturday night!)

Some of the best food in Vietnam

We found the best vegetarian restaurant in our lives in Danang. Also the cutest crepe place where I got my daily iced matcha green tea.

Ngoc Chi Vegetarian Restaurant – this is the restaurant we just kept going back to. 20,000 dong per dish ($2). Just the best.

Bread of Life Bar – Bread of Life hires deaf people to work. Very sweet place where you can enjoy Vietnamese or Western dishes.

Love’s Crepes – Love’s Crepes is a hipster Vietnamese cafe to die for. If you love yummy drinks and ice cream crepes this is the place.

A city for the locals

Danang caters to local Vietnamese travelers rather than international backpackers so you’ll really get a good taste of local culture in Danang that isn’t targeted to Westerners. Basically the city is void of those painfully touristy souvenir shops with iPho shirts.

Bonus: Cheap hotels

It’s cheap! One of the cheapest stops in Vietnam. Our hotel room was $8 right by the ocean. We didn’t even bother to haggle.