Why Danang is the Most Underrated City in Vietnam

Danang Vietnam is definitely the most underrated city. Most travelers skip Danang entirely. It’s just not on the tourist trail but it’s time we change that. There’s a reason why Danang is the top vacation spot for Vietnamese holidayers. Here’s why Danang Vietnam is the best city in Vietnam: It’s sparkly clean Danang is a remarkably […]

sapa vietnam trekking

Trekking Sapa Vietnam | Rice Paddy Terraces and Home Stays with the Hill Tribes

Sapa Vietnam is a mountainous terrain which is famous for its rugged scenery, cascading rice paddy terraces and local cultures. Situated near the Chinese border, Sapa Vietnam will give you a taste of a completely different side of not only Vietnam but also Southeast Asia. Get off the grid for 2 days and trek through […]

3 Unique New Year’s Eve Destinations Around the World

New Years Eve is definitely the most overhyped night of the year but let’s face it – it’s just not going anywhere. Looking back on the last 3 years I’ve been living abroad and I have to say I’ve been pretty lucky to have spent the big night in these 3 unique New Year’s Eve destinations – […]

6 months backpacking trip south east asia backpackers

6 Month South East Asia Backpacking Trip – Tips for Backpackers

A time comes, especially for us Australia/New Zealand working-holidayers, when your visa ends (this feels like the end of the world) and you don’t want to go home. For mostly all of us, South East Asia is on the way back so it just sort of makes sense to spend all of your hard earned cash traveling […]

The Exotic Fruits of Southeast Asia You Have to Try

The exotic fruits of Southeast Asia are quite possibly going to be the biggest thing I miss about this part of the globe. When you’re traveling in Southeast Asia over an extended period of time you kind of get used the luxury of eating these exotic fruits. Now I’m in Europe and the price of one […]

The Complete Guide to Teaching English in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

The Complete Guide to Teaching English in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

So much can happen all before class even starts in the megalopolis of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Within a few minutes I’m jerked awake as my motorbike taxi gently crashes into another motorbike. The two shake their heads at each other and we continue traveling through the swarming rush hour traffic, weaving in and […]

nha trang mud baths

What to Expect from the Nha Trang Mud Baths

On our first day in the beautiful Vietnamese beach resort town of Nha Trang, you guessed it, it was raining. It was raining all day. Naturally, we decided to indulge in one of the area’s specialties – the Nha Trang mud baths. I was excited, I always dreamed of a mud bath! Since, I never […]

paederus dermatitis

A Lesson from Mother Nature: Paederus dermatitis

Without a doubt, Mother Nature is our greatest teacher – constantly sending us reminders that many things are just out of our hands. We cannot control everything, even though we like to pretend. A little beetle taught me this. The Rove Beetle. I never even saw him, he’s that small. Smaller than a quarter. I […]