i hate traveling

A Typical Day when Everything is Just Wrong & I Hate Traveling

Traveling isn’t all roses, rainbows, exotic locations, beautiful beaches, amazing food, life changing experiences and friendships. Many times it is. Other times, everything is just wrong and I hate traveling. I want to go home. I hate my bag – it’s too heavy. Let’s burn it and take the next flight to somewhere that’s not here. Here’s […]

mae hong son loop

Motorbike Diaries: The Mae Hong Son Loop

“The Mae Hong Son Loop – One of the most breathtaking drives, amazing, but Beware TURNS and turns and turns”, we read. Okay, so should we do it? I ask Jonas. I’m reading Travelfish Mae Hong Son Loop Guide and thinking wow, looks so good…will we make it alive?! This would be our first motorbike […]

travel recommendations

Why You Should Never Listen to Travel Recommendations (except for mine)

I was told Thailand is amazing, the people are so kind, it’s so beautiful, there’s untouched islands, just dirt cheap, the food so yumm. I was told Malaysia isn’t worthwhile, just stop in Kuala Lumpur and move on, the people are mean, Muslim countries are scary. I was told Vietnam is terrrrible, the people will […]

Georgetown Malaysia Guide: Eat, Sleep, Explore

Accommodation I recommend ME.n.U Cafe & Lodge located just off of Love Lane in Georgetown. This is a restored historical Chinese building in a great location, with competitive prices, and great services including free breakfast and wifi. A very clean and tidy 12 bed mixed dormitory is $22 RM a night, around $6 USD. The deluxe double […]

bed bugs in south east asia

Bed Bugs in South East Asia, what do I do?!

Those nasty little buggers, the bed bugs. It really feels like the end of the world if you sleep in a bug infested bed. Just writing about them makes me itch all over. After one bad hotel, it’s so easy for them to get in your bags and then those bloody things just go with […]

Taking the Train from Malaysia to Thailand, yes do it!

I think we forget there are other options when we travel from country to country than just the easy flight. In South East Asia, I recommend traveling by alternative means whenever you get the chance. Traveling is about the journey not the destination. We took a 21 hour overnight train ride from Penang (Butterworth), Malaysia all […]

Borneo on a Budget: Niah Caves National Park Guide

Forty thousand years ago, Niah Caves was a home and burial ground for early humans. Archeologists have found skeletons, boat shaped coffins, and cave paintings making Niah the oldest known site of human existence in South East Asia. Today, you can discover Niah National Park’s fascinating history and spooky caves. How to get here We […]

Kuala Lumpur Food Guide (vegetarian friendly)

The only thing I heard about Kuala Lumpur was that the food is great. Go for a stop over, eat, and then move on. Okay, so I’m having a few issues. For one, my stop over has turned into 3 weeks. Secondly, the food is delicious however you need to know a few things. Since […]

Don’t Get Trapped: Onward Travel Solutions and One Ways

One way tickets and onward travel solutions “Miss, we cannot let you board this flight.” I desperately explain my various visa problems looking anxiously at the clock and then to my friends who are checked in and ready for takeoff. The check in lady lets me know “Your only option is to buy a refundable […]