Driving through the Monsoon | Bali, Indonesia

Our car is quarter submerged in water as we drive in and out of water filled ditches. The rain is pouring and we can barely see out of our little rental driving in and out of blindness – our windshield wipers work their very hardest. Road – water – wipe – road – water – […]

6 months backpacking trip south east asia backpackers

6 Month South East Asia Backpacking Trip – Tips for Backpackers

A time comes, especially for us Australia/New Zealand working-holidayers, when your visa ends (this feels like the end of the world) and you don’t want to go home. For mostly all of us, South East Asia is on the way back so it just sort of makes sense to spend all of your hard earned cash traveling […]

The Exotic Fruits of Southeast Asia You Have to Try

The exotic fruits of Southeast Asia are quite possibly going to be the biggest thing I miss about this part of the globe. When you’re traveling in Southeast Asia over an extended period of time you kind of get used the luxury of eating these exotic fruits. Now I’m in Europe and the price of one […]

What 6 Months Backpacking Southeast Asia Looks Like

Ever since those Lonely Planet guys released that Southeast Asia on a Shoestring back in 79′, travellers have been exploring the region like there’s no tomorrow. I can totally understand why. Backpacking Southeast Asia is one of those classic trails that’s just so accessible, exciting, and relatively cheap. Here’s a taste of what our 6 months […]

The Complete Guide to Teaching English in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

The Complete Guide to Teaching English in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

So much can happen all before class even starts in the megalopolis of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Within a few minutes I’m jerked awake as my motorbike taxi gently crashes into another motorbike. The two shake their heads at each other and we continue traveling through the swarming rush hour traffic, weaving in and […]

venice in the rain

Venice in the Rain: Two Days of Wet, Rainy, Beautiful Venice

Venice in the rain is a beautiful sight. When it rains in Venice the tourists stay inside and it’s just you, your umbrella and a journey back in time. At first we were pretty down that it was raining for our 2 days in Venice but it turned out to be a really special trip and […]

driving the scenic route from germany to italy

Driving the Scenic Route from Germany to Italy: A Photo Diary

My boyfriend and I had the idea of driving the scenic route from Germany to Italy after two months of hiding out in the very South of Germany watching the snow fall as the days tick by. We started to get a bit of cabin fever to say the least and decided we needed to go on […]

Working Holiday Jobs in New Zealand | Jobs and Pay

New Zealand is a really accessible country job wise that is often short staffed in many fields, creating many opportunities for young working holidayers. Specialized Work What’s your specialization? What did you do back home? If you are a skilled worker, like a media technician, yoga instructor, chef, painter, graphic designer, accountant, etc, you can easily […]

working holiday jobs in australia

Working Holiday Jobs in Australia | Jobs and Salary

Australia is a really accessible country especially job wise. There is a job for everyone and many fields are often short staffed. Finding a working holiday job in Australia is a breeze, you just have to decide what you want to spend your working holiday doing aside from laying on the beach. Here is an […]

Neuschwanstein Castle

Neuschwanstein Castle Impressions | A Photo Diary

Whether you know it or not, we have all seen Neuschwanstein Castle. That’s because this is the castle that inspired Walt Disney’s Magic Kingdom – the castle you see at Disneyland and Disney’s signature castle. Today, Neuschwanstein Castle is Germany’s most famous castle and one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world with over 1,300,000 […]