Working Holiday Jobs in New Zealand | Jobs and Pay

New Zealand is a really accessible country job wise that is often short staffed in many fields, creating many opportunities for young working holidayers. Specialized Work What’s your specialization? What did you do back home? If you are a skilled worker, like a media technician, yoga instructor, chef, painter, graphic designer, accountant, etc, you can easily […]

New Zealand Backpacking Adventures | Hitchhiking, Gear and Travel Tips

New Zealand Backpacking Adventures | Hitchhiking, Gear, and Travel Tips While I stayed in New Zealand for woah, over a year, I didn’t really get into much New Zealand backpacking adventures like fellow traveler Jonas. Jonas really got off the beaten track and has explored every corner and crevice of North and South Island by the […]


How to find Working Holiday Jobs Down Under | The Job Hunt

I’m a native English speaker from America and to be honest the concept of working overseas was daunting for me at first (even in another English speaking country like it is for many!) so in the beginning I had a hard time figuring out how to find working holiday jobs in Australia and New Zealand. […]

female hitchhiker

Solo Female Hitchhiker Guide

Most people are like “Let’s go to Cabo” or “Eurotrip, who’s in!” and I find myself standing on the side of the road with my thumb out, looking for free rides on Gumtree, and even going so far as posting flyers around town asking for a ride (it worked!). Hitchhiking – It’s thrilling, it get’s you […]

traveling and working abroad

How to Travel Longterm | Working and Volunteering Abroad

Linger where it feels good to linger You’ve probably heard this in yoga class before and this is one of those quotes that I remind myself of on the daily, especially out of the yoga class. That goes to spending time with friends to traveling overseas. I’ve been living overseas for 3 years now and lingering is […]

Hostel Life Down Under

Hostel Life Down Under: Don’t be surprised if…

Hostel Life Down Under Starting your backpacking adventure? One word: Hostels. And two words: Hostel Life Coming from America, Hostels were a romanticized fairytale…I had friends traveling in Europe and staying at these hostels, wow, a hostel! I imagined all the young people from countries I’ve never even heard of traveling and staying at one place. Hostel […]

How to Make Latte Art | Barista Basics from a New Barista

Making Latte Art is not what it looks like Those darn baristas. It’s day 120 or so in this business and I’ve learned through jug after jug of milk that making a good coffee is harder than it looks. Those baristas make latte art look way easier than it has made out to be. I’ve waitressed, worked […]

how to quit coffee, quit your job and be happy

The Tale of the Treacherous Tasman

“Man cannot discover new oceans until he has the courage to lose sight of the shore” Andre Gide With a change in the wind, one thing led to another and I find myself on board a 25 m yacht with my life on my back- this being a backpack chock full of bikinis and shorts […]