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Expats in Malta: Finding a Job in Malta (my story!)

My move to Malta was very much on a whim and considered a “risk” by my family and friends back in the States. It was two years ago, on a cold, snowy “spring” day in Germany, suffering from a severe case of cabin fever, when I discovered Malta. There was zero chance of stepping outdoors […]

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Pros and Cons of Living in Malta (First Vlog!)

So my first Vlog. Never thought that would happen. I always felt like I don’t have the same energy as the typical Youtuber (and much too camera shy) but it’s 2018 and I thought I’d try something different. Work on my speaking on camera skills errr speaking on camera skills. After cutting out half a million […]

Hikes in Malta: Mellieha’s Red Tower

With November bringing fresh winds to the Maltese archipelago, we start to quickly transition from long days at the beach to hikes around the countryside. On the perfect November day, we comfortably set out to explore the North of Malta and finally make our way to Malta’s famous Red Tower. Starting from Għadira Bay in Mellieha, […]

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Exploring the Roman Trail | Xemxija, Malta (Photo Blog!)

The Xemxija Heritage Trail, or better known as the Roman Trail, is truly one of Malta’s hidden historical treasures. It’s not largely publicised and doesn’t get a lot of attention like the commercialized Blue Grotto and Malta’s hot spots like Valletta and Mdina. But if you’re a history or nature lover, Malta’s Roman Trail is […]

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10 Amazing Mediterranean Restaurants in Malta

As long as I can remember I’ve known the Mediterranean through the “Mediterranean diet” which has been glorified through all the health magazines and maybe too much mindbodygreen scrolling as the secret for longevity, beauty and well being. Eat a diet rich in fish, olive oil and red wine they say and you will live a […]

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Hidden Sliema: Back Street Shops & Cafés

Sliema is a place that foreigners love and locals love to hate. Maltese people refer to Sliema residents as “tal-pepes” (aka upper class English-speaking snobs). Historically, Sliema was created palazzo by palazzo as a seaside summer getaway for the wealthy residents of Valletta. This carried on and overtime, as Malta got on the global holiday radar, […]

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10 Things You Need to Know Before Moving to Malta

Online you’ll hardly ever read anything negative about Malta. Googling will find you reading things like – Malta: the Mediterranean on a dime, the island with 300 days of sun. You might stumble upon companies luring in skilled professionals with “live the Mediterranean lifestyle” and expat reports on the low cost of living and all […]

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One Week in Malta – The Perfect Itinerary (Beach & Culture!)

Somehow I’ve found myself on this rock of just 400,000 people in the Mediterranean. Nestled in between Sicily in the North and Tunisia in the South, Malta is a melting pot in the middle of the Mediterranean where the Middle East, Northern Africa and Europe have crossed time and time again, creating a unique blend […]