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Watch: Borneo Explorations | A journey through Sarawak

In 2015, Jonas and I travelled to the Southeast Asian island of Borneo. An island home to our world’s most ancient primary rainforest and unique biodiversity endemic to Borneo. You probably are familiar with Borneo as being the home of Orang-utans and the curious Proboscis Monkey. We hope you enjoy our video and learn a […]

6 months backpacking trip south east asia backpackers

6 Month South East Asia Backpacking Trip – Tips for Backpackers

A time comes, especially for us Australia/New Zealand working-holidayers, when your visa ends (this feels like the end of the world) and you don’t want to go home. For mostly all of us, South East Asia is on the way back so it just sort of makes sense to spend all of your hard earned cash traveling […]

mulu caves national park

Borneo on a Budget: Exploring Mulu Caves Trip Guide

It’s surreal. You fly in a small little airplane with 15 other passengers over the pristine 100 million year old ancient rainforest. The plane follows a huge brown snake of a river, turns and glides right into the rainforest. You have landed in Mulu. Mulu Caves is famous for being, until recently, the largest cavern in […]

semenggoh orangutan wildlife centre

Best Place to See Orangutans in Borneo? | Semenggoh Orangutan Wildlife Centre

When people think of Borneo the first thing that comes to mind is orangutans. If this didn’t come to mind then let me tell you Borneo and Sumatra, neighbouring islands, are the only places in the world with wild indigenous orangutans. The orangutan is most likely our closest cousin and is in fact 97% the […]

borneo national parks

Borneo National Parks + Wildlife Guide | Sarawak Adventures

In our 2 week Sarawak, Borneo trip we traveled from the very western tip of Sarawak all the way to the region’s end near Sabah. We planned our trip around the Borneo national parks that appealed to us. I mainly wanted to see wildlife, we both wanted to trek in the jungle, and Jonas was […]

Borneo’s Heaven and Hell in your Palm

Borneo’s Heaven and Hell in your Palm Heaven. Welcome to the Jungle. The jungle is pure magic, heaven, paradise, I’ve found the Garden of Eden. It’s here everybody, it was here the whole time! My heart beats for the first time. My eyes dilate. I walk around in awe – my eyes, hands, ears, tongue […]

Borneo on a Budget: Niah Caves National Park Guide

Forty thousand years ago, Niah Caves was a home and burial ground for early humans. Archeologists have found skeletons, boat shaped coffins, and cave paintings making Niah the oldest known site of human existence in South East Asia. Today, you can discover Niah National Park’s fascinating history and spooky caves. How to get here We […]

Borneo Backpacking Guide: Bako National Park

The adventure begins on a boat ride through the Kuching river, slowly drifting past traditional fishing villages on stilts and lush mangrove forests. As the river mouths to the sea, the boat picks up speed and motors by large sea carsts and the coastline of Bako National Park. Here is your first glimpse of Borneo’s […]