female hitchhiker

Solo Female Hitchhiker Guide

Most people are like “Let’s go to Cabo” or “Eurotrip, who’s in!” and I find myself standing on the side of the road with my thumb out, looking for free rides on Gumtree, and even going so far as posting flyers around town asking for a ride (it worked!). Hitchhiking – It’s thrilling, it get’s you […]

Top 5 Long Flight Comfort Essentials

Top 5 Long Flight Essentials Over Christmas my boyfriend and I took the long flight from New Zealand to Germany, all the way around to the other side of the world. Luckily, our flight there was with Qatar, who supplied everything we needed to be comfortable, but on our way back we were flying with […]

Hostel Life Down Under

Hostel Life Down Under: Don’t be surprised if…

Hostel Life Down Under Starting your backpacking adventure? One word: Hostels. And two words: Hostel Life Coming from America, Hostels were a romanticized fairytale…I had friends traveling in Europe and staying at these hostels, wow, a hostel! I imagined all the young people from countries I’ve never even heard of traveling and staying at one place. Hostel […]

How to Pack Your Life in a Backpack | The Five Forgotten Essentials

How to Pack Your Life in a Backpack | The Five Forgotten Essentials I left America and arrived in Melbourne, Australia with 3 bags: one huge pink rolly suitcase covered in hearts and beige leather detail stuffed with my realistic custom made mermaid tail, red leather jacket, Jeffrey Campbell heels and sky vodka, one medium […]

how to quit coffee quit your job and be happy

How to Quit Coffee, Quit Your Job and Be Happy

As someone who drank I don’t know 5 or more lattes on average a day and thought coffee was god’s gift to the world, I never could imagine speaking any slander towards coffee. Here’s my story and hopefully it can help you and whatever your addiction maybe. the addiction Recent college graduate and hooked on the […]