3 Unique New Year’s Eve Destinations Around the World

New Years Eve is definitely the most overhyped night of the year but let’s face it – it’s just not going anywhere. Looking back on the last 3 years I’ve been living abroad and I have to say I’ve been pretty lucky to have spent the big night in these 3 unique New Year’s Eve destinations – […]

Driving through the Monsoon | Bali, Indonesia

Our car is quarter submerged in water as we drive in and out of water filled ditches. The rain is pouring and we can barely see out of our little rental driving in and out of blindness – our windshield wipers work their very hardest. Road – water – wipe – road – water – […]

travel essential moon cup

3 Reasons Why My Moon Cup Is My Travel Essential No-Brainer

When I first heard about the moon cup, or menstrual cups for that matter, I quickly dismissed it as something I did not want to hear about again.  It sounded like some weird feminist ritual and I mean, tampons are just so natural to most of us that I didn’t understand why I would want […]

Your northern Thailand guide

The Lonely Road: How to Find Community While Traveling

Whether I travel in a city for a few days or whether it is a few months, I love to get involved in the community. This is how I feel I can best experience the true sense of a place, beyond the tourist sights. I’ve found that I am usually unhappy in a place until […]

travel recommendations

Why You Should Never Listen to Travel Recommendations (except for mine)

I was told Thailand is amazing, the people are so kind, it’s so beautiful, there’s untouched islands, just dirt cheap, the food so yumm. I was told Malaysia isn’t worthwhile, just stop in Kuala Lumpur and move on, the people are mean, Muslim countries are scary. I was told Vietnam is terrrrible, the people will […]

bed bugs in south east asia

Bed Bugs in South East Asia, what do I do?!

Those nasty little buggers, the bed bugs. It really feels like the end of the world if you sleep in a bug infested bed. Just writing about them makes me itch all over. After one bad hotel, it’s so easy for them to get in your bags and then those bloody things just go with […]

Natural Mosquito Repellent Essential Oils

Finding out which natural mosquito repellent essential oils actually work has become a necessity. I’m in Malaysia right now and everyone is spraying DEET all over the place, I’m choking on the fumes and the mosquitos are still sucking. There has to be a better way and if I’ve learned anything, the answer is always […]

affordable airbnb luxury

Airbnb Cottage Rentals: Affordable Travel Luxury

Airbnb Cottage Rentals: Affordable Travel Luxury I recently got the chance to stay at a very special Airbnb accommodation in the hinterland of Brisbane called The Old Surgery Cottage Accommodation, a converted old vet clinic. And I can say that holiday homes and hotels don’t quite meet the same standard and all around experience that […]

Don’t Get Trapped: Onward Travel Solutions and One Ways

One way tickets and onward travel solutions “Miss, we cannot let you board this flight.” I desperately explain my various visa problems looking anxiously at the clock and then to my friends who are checked in and ready for takeoff. The check in lady lets me know “Your only option is to buy a refundable […]

go green while traveling

Three Things to help you Go Green while Traveling

The more I travel, the more green I become. When you go to third world countries and you see piles of plastic trash being burned with tooth brushes, razors, the straw from the coconut you just drank, tampons, and little conditioners, you start to think twice about your consumption. These are three of little things […]