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Why You Should Never Listen to Travel Recommendations (except for mine)

I was told Thailand is amazing, the people are so kind, it’s so beautiful, there’s untouched islands, just dirt cheap, the food so yumm. I was told Malaysia isn’t worthwhile, just stop in Kuala Lumpur and move on, the people are mean, Muslim countries are scary. I was told Vietnam is terrrrible, the people will […]

Borneo’s Heaven and Hell in your Palm

Borneo’s Heaven and Hell in your Palm Heaven. Welcome to the Jungle. The jungle is pure magic, heaven, paradise, I’ve found the Garden of Eden. It’s here everybody, it was here the whole time! My heart beats for the first time. My eyes dilate. I walk around in awe – my eyes, hands, ears, tongue […]

14 Days of Silence at a Thailand Meditation Retreat

Warning: I don’t mean to scare you into not going to a Thailand Meditation Retreat but this is my personal experience with no sugar coating These monks aren’t messing around. It’s been 14 days and they finally, yet reluctantly, are releasing me. I thought I knew what I was getting into since I sat a […]

go green while traveling

Three Things to help you Go Green while Traveling

The more I travel, the more green I become. When you go to third world countries and you see piles of plastic trash being burned with tooth brushes, razors, the straw from the coconut you just drank, tampons, and little conditioners, you start to think twice about your consumption. These are three of little things […]

nun and nescafe

The Nun and the Nescafé: Vipassana Meditation

I consider myself lucky. Very lucky that I discovered Vipassana when I did. Vipassana was the pause and the push I needed to restart my life. A guy we met on gumtree (for my American readers, this is like Craigslist) told us about it; Ava says that’s the best part of the story, a guy […]

how to quit coffee quit your job and be happy

How to Quit Coffee, Quit Your Job and Be Happy

As someone who drank I don’t know 5 or more lattes on average a day and thought coffee was god’s gift to the world, I never could imagine speaking any slander towards coffee. Here’s my story and hopefully it can help you and whatever your addiction maybe. the addiction Recent college graduate and hooked on the […]

how to quit coffee, quit your job and be happy

The Tale of the Treacherous Tasman

“Man cannot discover new oceans until he has the courage to lose sight of the shore” Andre Gide With a change in the wind, one thing led to another and I find myself on board a 25 m yacht with my life on my back- this being a backpack chock full of bikinis and shorts […]