Kuala Lumpur Food Guide (vegetarian friendly)

The only thing I heard about Kuala Lumpur was that the food is great. Go for a stop over, eat, and then move on. Okay, so I’m having a few issues. For one, my stop over has turned into 3 weeks. Secondly, the food is delicious however you need to know a few things. Since […]

gotu kola

Super Herb: Gotu Kola Benefits

Super Herb: Gotu Kola Benefits Let me tell you about my new favourite brew. We found a very detailed and helpful herb guide in a hostel. One herb that struck us was Gotu Kola and we couldn’t resist ourselves. We went straight away to the herb shop and picked up some dried Gotu Kola to […]

How to Make Latte Art | Barista Basics from a New Barista

Making Latte Art is not what it looks like Those darn baristas. It’s day 120 or so in this business and I’ve learned through jug after jug of milk that making a good coffee is harder than it looks. Those baristas make latte art look way easier than it has made out to be. I’ve waitressed, worked […]