The Exotic Fruits of Southeast Asia You Have to Try

The exotic fruits of Southeast Asia are quite possibly going to be the biggest thing I miss about this part of the globe. When you’re traveling in Southeast Asia over an extended period of time you kind of get used the luxury of eating these exotic fruits. Now I’m in Europe and the price of one […]

health benefits of sugar cane juice

What are the Health Benefits of Sugarcane Juice?

Sugarcane juice. Stalls all around town are crushing the tall sugar cane stalks and serving it ice old. It’s scorchingly hot out here in Vietnam and my body is craving it. Jonas, worried about my sugar intake, urges me not to indulge. It’s bad for you he says. For some reason, my body is telling […]

health benefits of roselle juice

The Health Benefits of Roselle Juice

I was introduced to roselle juice (or rather tea as it is brewed) for the first time in Northern Thailand. First, I had roselle hibiscus kombucha from a cool little fermentation cafe in the hippy town of Pai. Then, we discovered the hidden treasure of The Land Split. A donation based rest stop where a […]

gotu kola

Super Herb: Gotu Kola Benefits

Super Herb: Gotu Kola Benefits Let me tell you about my new favourite brew. We found a very detailed and helpful herb guide in a hostel. One herb that struck us was Gotu Kola and we couldn’t resist ourselves. We went straight away to the herb shop and picked up some dried Gotu Kola to […]