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Expats in Malta: Finding a Job in Malta (my story!)

My move to Malta was very much on a whim and considered a “risk” by my family and friends back in the States. It was two years ago, on a cold, snowy “spring” day in Germany, suffering from a severe case of cabin fever, when I discovered Malta. There was zero chance of stepping outdoors […]


Why I Quit the Digital Nomad Life for a 9 to 5

Based on principle, I could hardly get over this. I found so much pride, more than freedom really, from being a successful digital nomad. I had worked my way from having no skills, learning odd jobs on the road, to being so desired by my loyal clientele, I had to pick and choose clients and […]

must have apps for digital nomads

Must Have Apps for Digital Nomads | Your Digital Toolbox

Apps are my new best friends. I didn’t realize the power of them until I had to figure out something to manage my hectic, crazy, disorganized digital nomad work life on the road! These are my must have apps for digital nomads that you should get used to now and add to your digital toolbox […]

diy stamp business card

DIY Stamp Business Card

What on earth do I name myself and what should my business cards look like? I was thinking about it for so long. I knew I needed some business cards to start freelancing but I was getting so hung up on the name. What do I name myself, do I need a business name, oh […]

what is a digital nomad

What is a Digital Nomad and How Do I Become One?

Digital Nomad. It’s funny as soon as I heard this term for the first time, I realised I was becoming one myself. These days, I start to see that anyone who wants to live on the road, gypsy around and just travel on the long term, becomes a digital nomad one way or another. It’s […]

freelancing while traveling

Rough Times for New Freelancers

Freelancing while traveling, a dream of mine. I read an article from Bren On The Road, How I Made Over $4000 in My First Month on Elance and I decided to take a stab at it. He explains how he makes this large amount of money on this site with millions of freelancers from around the […]