I’m all about lightweight gear, especially since I have a hard time sacrificing my wardrobe and electronics. So when it comes to tents, cookers, wetsuits, hiking boots – I really am shopping based on weight as a heavy factor.

So, after two years of bad mouthing hiking boots “good for nothing, way too heavy those guys…just use some nikes” (my poor boyfriend). I found THE ultimate lightweight hiking shoes for travel. I’m stoked!

 Let me tell you why these are the ultimate lightweight hiking shoes for travel:

1. Lightweight

They seriously don’t weigh anymore than my tennis shoes

2. Waterproof


3. Aeroplane Soles

The soles are made out of the same rubber they make aeroplane tires making them effectively Sashaproof

4. Leather

I’m hoping they’ll be my last hiking boot purchase

5. Cool Colours?!

nuff said!

6. Unisex

For both men and women.

7. Style

You can wear these out in the city, paired with a cute crop top for girls and a button down for guys. Dinner anyone?

8. Affordable

Pretty reasonable something around US $130 and AUS $160 for lightweight, quality leather, and stylish hiking shoes that you can also wear in the mountains and around the city.

Update: 4 Years Later and I’m still rocking these boots!